I don’t know how long we were going to wait to post our hometown boys up here but this has gone on quite long enough.  If you are from baltimore, chances are you have stepped foot in a little head shop that we all lovingly refer to as J Friendly Outfitters.  Now, for a long time, JFO was a purveyor of the finest glass tobacco products in MD while slinging t-shirts whenever you made a purchase. however this hardly made him an outfitter and as an aging male, John was faced with a difficult decision.  Sell a bunch of glass to hippies, or do something he could be proud of. 

The result is a sick line of clothing that has expanded far beyond what is currently featured on his site.  From dope hoodies to slick tee’s, this shop has it all.  Want to see it in action?  Come to any one of my gigs- chances are i will have on at least one piece of JFO merch… why? because a sick dj needs a sick hoodie: FACT.


Check it out.

Just found this site, it’s basically a online marketplace for graphic designers to post graphics that they have made and have them printed to shirts for “us” the public to buy. Great idea, great result, check it out.

which used to be

Well from the snow to the streets Anon, Burton’s goggle division has released an additional product line of sunglasses under that company and lets just say..


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