Scottie B…Rut Row!

It gives me great honor to announce Scotty B and Unruly Productions to the Fortune5Fifty Family.  Reppin’ the streets of Baltimore since day one, fuck it he invented the streets ,fact!


And as a homecoming present he has graciously accepted our invite to  The Electronic SnowBall…this is what dreams are made of.  ‘A view from the top’ you won’t want to miss!

For more Scottie B and Unruly Productions check out:



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Tickets are now avaliable online at the following link:

We are also VERY excited to announce that we have just added Baltimore up-and-comers SEGWAY to the line up!  Be sure to check them out at

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PRETTY LIGHTS in Baltimore
13th Floor at the Belvedere
Thursday Dec. 18th 2008
8 pm – 2 am


This just in-

Fortune5Fifty is pleased to announce that we have booked the ballroom (located on the 12th floor) as well as the 13th floor at the Belvedere to accommodate all of the fans previously disappointed by our cap size. This means we will have 2 floors of music from 8 pm – 2 am (initial line up: PRETTY LIGHTS and B.Cosgrove) along with some of the freshest art that Baltimore has to offer, featuring STRICTLY MENTAL.

As far as tickets go, this means that there will be an abundance available at the door the night of the show. Tickets will be on sale over FRONTGATETICKETS.COM tomorrow and  we will also be starting a will call list via Please leave your name and number along with the amount of tickets you would like to request in an email to this address and we will call you to confirm your order within 24 hours of you leaving it.

Again, we are a bit overwhelmed by the response of the mid-Atlantic region to what was originally slated to be a very small show celebrating the launch of Fortune5Fifty in Baltimore. So please bear with us as we get organized. We assure you that if you get us your ticket requests, we will honor them.

Thank you all for your patience and support. We have some great stuff lined up for Thursday the 18th… we are pretty much landing a space ship in the Belvedere with the amount of lights/art/etc we are bringing in… and for the near future.

For more announcements regarding additions to the line up and information about the venue, check

-The Fortune5fifty team.

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INTERVIEW: The Spinto Band


Nick Krill, lead guitarist and vocals from The Spinto Band took some time to do a short preliminary interview with us and will be stopping by Baltimore on December 13th to play at The Talking Head.  Hope to see ya out there!

F5F: How did the idea of the band come about?

NK: We started the band with the idea that we would make a bunch of music for haunted houses. We sort of trailed off that idea, but it comes up again from time to time.


F5F: What are the biggest influences on the band as a whole musically?

 NK: Our influences are always kind of changing….On top of that there are

so many members that we each bring different musical influences with

us it is hard to narrow it down to a list. I can’t speak for everyone

but right now I am influenced by instruments with strings tuned to the

same notes, the sounds of rim shots,  instruments with nylon strings,

cuba and instruments with really short sustain.



F5F: The band started out of Wilmington, DE, where does the band reside these days?

 NK: We are a bit more spread out now, I still sleep in Wilmington, but

most of us have moved up into Pennsylvania.



F5F: What is your favorite thing about being able to travel and play music

to people all over the U.S?

 NK: Seeing how the landscape of the united states changes. We drove

through Montana for the fist time on this last tour, and it was

really amazing to see that area. I also love driving from California to

New Orleans on I-10. You drive through the desert and then end up

driving over swamps.


F5F: What’s your favorite up and coming act?

NK: Boy there are a few. Some of our favorites are: and The Moneynotes,

Buried Beds, Born Ruffians, Ball of Flame Shoot Fire, National Eye and

The Capitol Years.


F5F: Who would you most like to set up a tour with?

 NK: Frank Zappa if he were alive and didn’t think we were chumps.


F5F: I think this is appropriate for this time period, what’s your favorite

part about the holiday season?

 NK: Well there are a lot of  good songs, but the best thing is smelling a

wood fire burning.


 F5F: If you could get anything for Christmas what would it be?

NK: Jeff wants a new lab top computer.


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Here it is, the start to the new section on F5F.  If you didn’t already know by my hint in the last post, My first preliminary interview is with Ra Ra Riot.  They will be gracing us with their presence on December 16th at The Ottobar, and at which i will be following this post up with an in person interview and show review!  I hope to see some of yall there.

F5F:I know you started the band as a project in college up north, how did this progress into a full time venture?

RRR: Well, we started the band with the intention of simply having fun, and it ended up being more fun than anything else we were doing. So at the end of the semester, when most of the band was graduating, we decided to keep it going and see what would happen. We were just kind of winging it!


F5F: What were your musical influences growing up? And what are the biggest influences musically on the band as a whole?

RRR: My mom would always sing Beatles songs to me, and I remember listening to a lot of Robert Palmer with my dad. As for the band, everyone has pretty different tastes, so our biggest collective influences are pretty classic artists that we all grew up with – The Beatles, The Police, U2, 80’s pop, stuff like that – and we’ve all been getting progressively into Kate Bush. 


F5F: Recently we have seen a lot on indies coming out of the college grass roots scene, how do you think Ra Ra Riot stands out in that pool of artists?

RRR: What’s interesting to me is that most of these bands seem to share pretty specific rhythmic and melodic sensibilities – I like to think that we offer a unique take on them.


F5F: What is your favorite part about being able to perform live?

RRR: Pretty much everything about it is wonderful – you get 45 minutes to play music with your friends in front of people who (ostensibly) enjoy and appreciate it. I also love it when I have a lot of room to run around – but I suppose if I’m being entirely honest, my favorite times are when my bandmates ask me to turn down my bass amp, and I just pretend to and get away with it. 


F5F: Who are some new artists that you really like? And if you had to choose, what other acts would you pair yourself with in putting together a tour?

RRR: There are too many to list here – we’ve been listening to a lot of The Virgins lately, and some of us have been really into White Denim as well. Vampire Weekend have always been favorites of ours, and right now we’re touring with a band called Princeton who we’re all really excited about. We’ve been lucky enough to have played with all of those bands! As far as choosing bands to tour with, I always vote for The Fall and/or U2.


F5F: On a lighter note, what is something you cannot leave home without when going on tour?

RRR: I always bring a book by famed beer expert (and NOT pop sensation) Michael Jackson. It’s a guide to his 500 favorite beers – most of which, co-incidentally, are impossible to find on tour. I usually just end up reading a few pages before bedtime so that I have wonderful dreams.


F5F: Now that we have a new President, what are you doing to celebrate on January 20th for the inauguration?

RRR: I think we’re all going to be at Wes’s house at that time – one of our favorite band retreats. I’m not sure what the plan is, but there’s going to be a celebration for sure. We’ll probably make a pinata that symbolizes the Old World Order and then smash it.

See Live Music,


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So we haven’t been posting as much recently, but we haven’t abandoned our readers.  In fact, its exactly the opposite.  Like Max said, we have been expanding and adding new features as well as making sure that the ESB is going to pop off like few parties Baltimore has ever seen.  

In that light, I would just like to say thanks for sticking with us thus far.  

Now onto the business.


To purchase tickets contact myself, Max, Austin, or Keating and we will make sure that you get what you need.  Keep in mind, these tickets went on sale yesterday officially and we have already sold a bunch so they will go quickly.  Look, what I’m really trying to say is- we love you all, but we know that some of us aren’t as motivated to do things in a timely manner as others.  We just want to make sure that our friends, the people that we are laboring for, make it to the show and kick off a new tradition that we want to continue well into the future.  

Also- In light of last nights problems with email hacking and the show at Bedrock- if you ever receive and email from some one saying that the ESB has been cancelled, PLEASE do not believe it.  Call us to confirm if you must but the snowball has started rolling and at this point it cannot be stopped.  

Thank you all.


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Interviews on the ways..


What’s up yall.  I’m really proud to announce that starting in a few weeks, Fortune5Fifty is going to begin bringing you exclusive interviews with artists spanning all types of music.  I have couple on the books for when I get back to Baltimore in a week so check back soon and they should be up.  Initial interviews will be posed before shows, which I will then follow up on with the in person interview and show review from that nights show in Charm City.  Merry Christmas and I hope to see everyone out at our first event, The Electronic Snowball on the 18th at the 13th Floor.

Cheers and be merry,


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