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Universal Mind Control



Hip Hop has been a large part of my life and without dating myself I’ll just say I’ve been listening to Common for 10+ yrs.   His new LP Universal Mind Control has taken his infamous philosophical verse and laced it with Kanye’s electronic funk.  The combination is almost too spicy (if that’s even possible). 

 Hip Hop’s lyrical content has dwindled over the years but Common’s conscious thoughts have remained one step above the rest.  Proof that is pays to have your eyes wide open and a message worth sending.  If you haven’t already downloaded this I highly recommend it. 

For a taste of  Universal Mind Control check out 



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Check out the Fortune5Fifty Crew on ‘the night show’ tonight 7pm-9pm with THEO on 98ROCK!!!!



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Scottie B…Rut Row!

It gives me great honor to announce Scotty B and Unruly Productions to the Fortune5Fifty Family.  Reppin’ the streets of Baltimore since day one, fuck it he invented the streets ,fact!


And as a homecoming present he has graciously accepted our invite to  The Electronic SnowBall…this is what dreams are made of.  ‘A view from the top’ you won’t want to miss!

For more Scottie B and Unruly Productions check out:


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Ghost Town Media

Here at Fortune5Fifty it’s our goal to keep you posted what’s hip in the music and the fashion world, but nothing make us happier then to see fellow Bmore kids holding it down on an international level.  It gives me great pleasure to introduce Ghost Town Media,, into the Fortune5Fifty family.

Jeff Lichfuss and Matt Primm, both Maryland natives & McDonogh grads (yeah class of ’99), headed west to L.A. and started a multimedia production & post production company who have worked with the likes of Big Boi, MGMT, Kanye West, Death Cab For Cutie, Aesop Rock, Flight of the Concords, Alkaline Trio, Lyrics Born, so on and so forth.

I thought you kidz might enjoy a couple samples of what Ghost Town has up their sleeves…

Kanye West – Champion

Aesop Rock – Coffee

MGMT – Electric Feel

Madd Love Jeff & Matt…keep up the good work!


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Then again “don’t vote!”

“I LIKE PORNO” (Borat)

If you are still undecided, or need a boost to make it to the polls tomorrow, why not join us tonight at BedRock for BassNectar…Aside from shredding the decks, he is one of the music industries most conscious and politically savvy DJ’s and tonight’s show will no doubt be inspirational.






“Vote! Because what you do in voting booth is a secret…I like to make hand relief…NICE!” (Borat)

If you haven’t registered or are unclear as to where you vote check out


*This message is approved and paid for by Fortune5Fifty*

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Yet Another Classic Example of When Holding it Down Goes Right!

There’s a lot more to the music bizz then buying a ticket and showing up, this is obvious but more often then not gets over looked.  Everyone from the guy who shows up early to install light rigs and sound check to the person who took a personal risk to booked the gig in the first place.  This post is dedicated to those unsung heros who go out of there way to bring you (and me) what we love, and expect nothing in return other than you to show up, melt face and enjoy.

1.  Steez Promo – – has been packing out Baltimroe venues such as Bedrock, the 8×10, Fletchers, & The Ottobar with the likes of MSTRKFT, 2020 Sound Systems, Pnuma Trio, Conspirator, Bassnectar, Future Rock, The Egg, Jah Works, Charles Feelgood, Cant Hang and the list goes on.  Last week alone I attended the MSTRKRFT and Conspirator shows, both of which are classic example of why Baltimore is on the tip of the industry’s tounge.  BIG UP to the Streez Promo crew and a special shout out to Amy Daly, mad love girl!  If you haven’t attended a Steez Promo event yet why not join the Fortune5Fifty crew for BassNectar this coming Monday Nov 3rd at Bedrock!! 

2. SHORTY’S – – Baltimore’s best kept secret underground Martini bar and Lounge, originally founded by none other then Charles Feelgood himself, is now under new management and what better hands to pass it onto then Charles’s good friends Lisa Chaplin Suit and Alex Crain.  These two have taken the concept and run.  Along with hosting live Dj’s daily these two have spiced up the décor by featuring a different local artist every month.  All of the paintings on the wall are for sale, I bought a painting the first time i stepped foot in the door. Their collective efforts have created a much needed live music/electronic Lounge in Baltimore’s favorite burro, Canton.  If you are looking for an excuse to make a guest appearance what better way then to come check out Fortune5Fifty’s own DJ Bryan Cosgrove whomping the 1’s and 2’s next Thursday Nov 6th.   I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, sometimes it gets weird, and next Thursday will be no exception.  Also I need to give a BIG thank you to Lisa for making this show possible…in return lets blow the doors off Shorty’s next Thursday.

Happy Halloween Kidz,


p.s. mark your calendars Monday Nov 3rd BassNectar @ Bedrock and Thursday Nov 6th DJ Bryan Coscrove @ Shortys…hope to see you all there!

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Quite the Tripple Threat…

Rarely are weekends Epic from start to finish but my friends this weekend you are in for a treat.  Here at Fortune5Fifty its our goal to make sure you are clocked in!
IT’s as easy as One, TWO, THREEEE
1. Conspirator vs. Dr Fameus – TONIGHT 8pm @ BedRock (across from 1st Mariner Arena)
Assuming you haven’t been living in a Cave for the past decade its safe to say you have all at least dabbled (i use this term loosely) with the Disco Biscuits.  What may be news to you is that TONIGHT all 4 members will be rocking the doors off Baltimores latest and gratest venue, BedRock.  Uniquely all members are currently touring with their side projects (aka Conspirator & Dr. Fameus) and for a few special shows they will be touring under the same roof.  You won’t want to miss this.  But just incase you aren’t sold yet, you may want to ponder the fact that Telepath is opeing up for them…and yes shit gets weird sometimes, fact!
2. Passafire & Pepper – Saturday 8pm Recher Theater (Towson, MD)

If you haven’t experienced Passafire I highly recommend you put down the crack pipe (and or pick it up, different strokes for different folks).  This clip you just enjoyed, is a throw back.  Filmed 5 yrs ago in Burlington, VT at none other than Nectars Pub…and if for some reason this venue means nothing to you maybe its time you erase your iPod and start over.  Since rocking Nectars (birth place of a lil’ band, PHISH) back in 2003 Passafire has moved on to bigger and better things.  For starters they signed with Law Records, put out their second studio album SUBMERSIBLE which topped iTunes for best Reggae album of 2007, where they are still featured as ‘Best of the New School’.  They been on the road with the likes of  The Wailers, Matisyahu, 311, Van Halen, Los Lonely Boys, Slightly Stoopid, The Expendibles, & more importantly their label head Pepper.  But then again what else would you expect from 3 SCAD music design majors and one freak of nature hammering the bass.  Theses kids have been nerding out in the studio and grinding it out on the road for half a decade and its about time you future P’fire Tour’ches light up and pass a motha fuckin’ fire. 


3.“Your Baltimore Ravens!” vs. Oakland Raiders – Sunday 1pm @ M&T Bank

What better way to kill a hangover then to not stop drinking…and what better way to celebrate.  Wake up, put on whatever jeans are closest to you, slip on your purple Joe ‘Cool’ Flacco #5  jersey, thank God you weren’t born in Pittsburg and head down to the YPP Tailgate (aka Young Purple Passion).  What to expect?  For starters a whomp-tastic DJ, Raging Face, and grilling…yeah it’s that easy.

 The best things come in three’s…well at least this weekend they do!


Clock In, it’s time to DO WORK son son!!



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