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If you are looking for Fortune 5 Fifty, we have moved to our new home at  

We really think you are going to dig the new look so check it out and be sure to update your bookmarks. 

Again- thats



Thanks for your patience and support


-the Fortune5Fifty crew


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24: Electronic Snowball Style


With a mere 24 hours standing between us and the opening of the doors to the first annual Electronic Snowball, a feeling of indescribable bliss has overtaken everyone here in F5F headquarters.  As Austin just put it on 98 Rock- It’s like the feeling on Christmas Eve.  

And you know- thats something that  we should all be keeping in mind as this event approaches as all of the money we collect tomorrow night is going to Toys For Tots.  Lets face it everyone- we are a part of some tough economic times.  Arguably the worst since I’ve been alive.  So make sure you make it out tomorrow night for the music, but make sure you stay to help us raise money so that everyone can enjoy their holiday season this year.

There are still tickets available at and I’m sure there’ll be some left tomorow night at the door.  And remember- if you start feeling like 20 or 25 dollars is a bit steep and the charity aspect of things doesn’t tickle you (Scrooge), OPEN BAR FROM PINK VODKA AND RED BULL from 9-10.  25 bucks wouldn’t get you as hammered over the course of a night as you will get in an hour of drinking free Red Bull and Vodkas… just ask Stash from 98 Rock.  

We’ll be at the Belvedere all day tomorrow loading in gear and setting up so if you need anything give us a call or swing by.  

We love you all and thanks for your continued support of Fortune5Fifty- we’ve got big plans for you all in 09.    



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Sebastien Leger- Majestic


Very few producers have managed to have the career defining year that Sebastien Leger did in 2008.  Release after release, Leger managed to hone what would become his signature production elements into some of the finest, most melodic progressive and electro house on the market.  Starting with the full length album “Planets” released last December, the charted output from this young Frenchman was more than impressive.  

This summer saw an epic tag team with Chris Lake for the tracks “Word” and (from my Toilet Bowl videos) “Ghost,” as well as the captivating “Hello Piano” remix for label-mates David West and Inkfish.  Another run of original material followed with “Jaguar,” “Bamboo,” “Talisman,” and “Cylo.”  All of these were ravished by the public and producers alike, but perhaps the peak has just come with the release of “Majestic.”  

At the time of this articles publishing, “Majuro,” the last track on this 3-track EP, sits at number 2 on the all of Beatport chart and number 1 on the progressive house chart with the title track, “Majestic” sitting comfortably at number 5.  And as for the third track on the release… it’s just a remix from this years hottest producer Deadmau5 of Leger’s 2006 smash, “Bad Clock,” which is sitting at number 7 on the Electro House charts.  

To release a three-tracker and have all of the songs chart simultaneously is almost unheard of.  

Trading remix honors with Deadmau5 , Leger has also released a remix of Joel’s track “Slip” which was released earlier this year on his debut album, “Random Album Title.”  The song, which owes much of its success to the tone variation and playful melody from Zimmerman, was a sleeper pick for the best song on the album but has made a strong case for itself.  Leger’s remix was released last week on vinyl and dropped yesterday on Beatport.  It’s quite the edit and definitely worth a listen.  

Hopefully this video will attest to some of the tone talk… and if nothing else, check out that fat hoodie he is wearing.  Fresh.  


Let the big dog eat.


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Nadastrom- The Pussy EP


So it turns out that this pussy is not one to fuck with.  OK sorry- I couldn’t resist.  But in all seriousness, this might be the biggest EP to have dropped so far this month. 

Hailing from Washington, DC, Nadastrom, the production duo and Taxlo Sonar staple consisting of Matt Nordstrom and Dave Nada, has just dropped what could be considered one of the biggest accomplishments this year for their genre.  What genre, exactly?  I like to consider it a mix of Baltimore Club, classic turntablism. and electro {kind of like that whole Crookers bass-tone (dare I say WHOMP) sound).  No matter what kind of label you try to put on it, though, this EP is an absolute club banger (I’m sure there is a joke in there somewhere… use your imagination).  

After a summer of putting out top notch remixes of Estelle and Kanye’s hit “American Boy,” Tittsworth’s “WTF,” and Lil’ Wayne’s “Millie,”  the Pussy EP dropped in the early fall on 12″ format only.  A week ago the boys took the tracks digital exclusively on Beatport where it has climbed the ALL OF BEATPORT chart to hit an impressive #4 position and is holding down the Electro House chart at #2.  

As for the tracks themselves, the obvious stand out is “Pussy.”  Sampling the classic Soul II Soul song, “Back to Life,” which you may remember from that scene in the movie “Belly,”  this song releases  over and over into cut beats and the best electro bass you’ve heard this year.  Yes, better than “Day N Night.”  And far more clever.   The other honorable mention from this four-tracker is “Tween You + Me” which features another Taxlo staple, Blaqstarr, who’s less familiar vocal track is equally infectious.  

You really need to hear it to believe it and you’ll get your chance this Friday at the 9:30 Club @ the Blisspop Holiday Party Extravaganza with Tittsworth and friends.  You can also catch Nordstrom around DC working in the studio with Deep Dish and Nada working with Kanye’s current tour DJ, DJ Craze. (Craze, by the way, is unbelievable- no one uses vinyl like he does.  got the chance to see him a few years ago- if you have the opportunity, don’t miss it)  

In the mean time, cruise on over to beatport for your copy of this monster.

 Nadastrom- Pussy EP Sampler from Dubsided Records 



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Mr. Oizo: Lambs Anger

Ever wonder what Robots (…and Chris Keating) listen to in their spare time?  Thanks to a friend, I now have a pretty good idea.  Turns out he’s a pretty ugly guy from Paris named Mr. Oizo.

Combining an experimental edge with that French Maximalist sound that has been *all the rage* amongst the kiddies since Daft Punk touched down at Coachella sparking the world wide phenomena known as the Pyramid Shows (and even before that… yeah they were out in the early 90’s young ones… and that kanye song, it was theirs first… crazy right?) and Justice raised their Cross, Oizo brings things to the near brink of analog atonality just before firing a rhythm thruster and dropping a melody that will have you thinking, “shit, I should have known.”  The result is nothing short of an audial-eargasm and to quote a British brother of mine- “It’s straight mental, mate.”  

Lambs Anger, his new album, throws down 17 bangers with some of the most punchy beats and subtle (edit: sometimes not so subtle) sample use in recent memory… which is becoming an increasingly important element in music these days.  Don’t believe me, look who we booked to headline the snowball… and if you haven’t checked out Pretty Lights yet, shame on you. 

Buy it on beatport- or search for it on google and see what you find- but definitely make sure you check it out.  Here’s a taste of both worlds…

  Mr. Oizo- Cut Dick

 Mr. Oizo- Z (includes a bunch of hilarious pictures of him)

 Mr. Oizo- Two Takes It


thanks fish.


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PRETTY LIGHTS in Baltimore
13th Floor at the Belvedere
Thursday Dec. 18th 2008
8 pm – 2 am


This just in-

Fortune5Fifty is pleased to announce that we have booked the ballroom (located on the 12th floor) as well as the 13th floor at the Belvedere to accommodate all of the fans previously disappointed by our cap size. This means we will have 2 floors of music from 8 pm – 2 am (initial line up: PRETTY LIGHTS and B.Cosgrove) along with some of the freshest art that Baltimore has to offer, featuring STRICTLY MENTAL.

As far as tickets go, this means that there will be an abundance available at the door the night of the show. Tickets will be on sale over FRONTGATETICKETS.COM tomorrow and  we will also be starting a will call list via Please leave your name and number along with the amount of tickets you would like to request in an email to this address and we will call you to confirm your order within 24 hours of you leaving it.

Again, we are a bit overwhelmed by the response of the mid-Atlantic region to what was originally slated to be a very small show celebrating the launch of Fortune5Fifty in Baltimore. So please bear with us as we get organized. We assure you that if you get us your ticket requests, we will honor them.

Thank you all for your patience and support. We have some great stuff lined up for Thursday the 18th… we are pretty much landing a space ship in the Belvedere with the amount of lights/art/etc we are bringing in… and for the near future.

For more announcements regarding additions to the line up and information about the venue, check

-The Fortune5fifty team.

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So we haven’t been posting as much recently, but we haven’t abandoned our readers.  In fact, its exactly the opposite.  Like Max said, we have been expanding and adding new features as well as making sure that the ESB is going to pop off like few parties Baltimore has ever seen.  

In that light, I would just like to say thanks for sticking with us thus far.  

Now onto the business.


To purchase tickets contact myself, Max, Austin, or Keating and we will make sure that you get what you need.  Keep in mind, these tickets went on sale yesterday officially and we have already sold a bunch so they will go quickly.  Look, what I’m really trying to say is- we love you all, but we know that some of us aren’t as motivated to do things in a timely manner as others.  We just want to make sure that our friends, the people that we are laboring for, make it to the show and kick off a new tradition that we want to continue well into the future.  

Also- In light of last nights problems with email hacking and the show at Bedrock- if you ever receive and email from some one saying that the ESB has been cancelled, PLEASE do not believe it.  Call us to confirm if you must but the snowball has started rolling and at this point it cannot be stopped.  

Thank you all.


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