Sebastien Leger- Majestic


Very few producers have managed to have the career defining year that Sebastien Leger did in 2008.  Release after release, Leger managed to hone what would become his signature production elements into some of the finest, most melodic progressive and electro house on the market.  Starting with the full length album “Planets” released last December, the charted output from this young Frenchman was more than impressive.  

This summer saw an epic tag team with Chris Lake for the tracks “Word” and (from my Toilet Bowl videos) “Ghost,” as well as the captivating “Hello Piano” remix for label-mates David West and Inkfish.  Another run of original material followed with “Jaguar,” “Bamboo,” “Talisman,” and “Cylo.”  All of these were ravished by the public and producers alike, but perhaps the peak has just come with the release of “Majestic.”  

At the time of this articles publishing, “Majuro,” the last track on this 3-track EP, sits at number 2 on the all of Beatport chart and number 1 on the progressive house chart with the title track, “Majestic” sitting comfortably at number 5.  And as for the third track on the release… it’s just a remix from this years hottest producer Deadmau5 of Leger’s 2006 smash, “Bad Clock,” which is sitting at number 7 on the Electro House charts.  

To release a three-tracker and have all of the songs chart simultaneously is almost unheard of.  

Trading remix honors with Deadmau5 , Leger has also released a remix of Joel’s track “Slip” which was released earlier this year on his debut album, “Random Album Title.”  The song, which owes much of its success to the tone variation and playful melody from Zimmerman, was a sleeper pick for the best song on the album but has made a strong case for itself.  Leger’s remix was released last week on vinyl and dropped yesterday on Beatport.  It’s quite the edit and definitely worth a listen.  

Hopefully this video will attest to some of the tone talk… and if nothing else, check out that fat hoodie he is wearing.  Fresh.  


Let the big dog eat.



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