24: Electronic Snowball Style


With a mere 24 hours standing between us and the opening of the doors to the first annual Electronic Snowball, a feeling of indescribable bliss has overtaken everyone here in F5F headquarters.  As Austin just put it on 98 Rock- It’s like the feeling on Christmas Eve.  

And you know- thats something that  we should all be keeping in mind as this event approaches as all of the money we collect tomorrow night is going to Toys For Tots.  Lets face it everyone- we are a part of some tough economic times.  Arguably the worst since I’ve been alive.  So make sure you make it out tomorrow night for the music, but make sure you stay to help us raise money so that everyone can enjoy their holiday season this year.

There are still tickets available at www.frontgatetickets.com and I’m sure there’ll be some left tomorow night at the door.  And remember- if you start feeling like 20 or 25 dollars is a bit steep and the charity aspect of things doesn’t tickle you (Scrooge), OPEN BAR FROM PINK VODKA AND RED BULL from 9-10.  25 bucks wouldn’t get you as hammered over the course of a night as you will get in an hour of drinking free Red Bull and Vodkas… just ask Stash from 98 Rock.  

We’ll be at the Belvedere all day tomorrow loading in gear and setting up so if you need anything give us a call or swing by.  

We love you all and thanks for your continued support of Fortune5Fifty- we’ve got big plans for you all in 09.    




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