Mr. Oizo: Lambs Anger

Ever wonder what Robots (…and Chris Keating) listen to in their spare time?  Thanks to a friend, I now have a pretty good idea.  Turns out he’s a pretty ugly guy from Paris named Mr. Oizo.

Combining an experimental edge with that French Maximalist sound that has been *all the rage* amongst the kiddies since Daft Punk touched down at Coachella sparking the world wide phenomena known as the Pyramid Shows (and even before that… yeah they were out in the early 90’s young ones… and that kanye song, it was theirs first… crazy right?) and Justice raised their Cross, Oizo brings things to the near brink of analog atonality just before firing a rhythm thruster and dropping a melody that will have you thinking, “shit, I should have known.”  The result is nothing short of an audial-eargasm and to quote a British brother of mine- “It’s straight mental, mate.”  

Lambs Anger, his new album, throws down 17 bangers with some of the most punchy beats and subtle (edit: sometimes not so subtle) sample use in recent memory… which is becoming an increasingly important element in music these days.  Don’t believe me, look who we booked to headline the snowball… and if you haven’t checked out Pretty Lights yet, shame on you. 

Buy it on beatport- or search for it on google and see what you find- but definitely make sure you check it out.  Here’s a taste of both worlds…

  Mr. Oizo- Cut Dick

 Mr. Oizo- Z (includes a bunch of hilarious pictures of him)

 Mr. Oizo- Two Takes It


thanks fish.



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  1. johnjohn

    mr. oizo is the truth. ed banger settin the bar so high

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