INTERVIEW: The Spinto Band


Nick Krill, lead guitarist and vocals from The Spinto Band took some time to do a short preliminary interview with us and will be stopping by Baltimore on December 13th to play at The Talking Head.  Hope to see ya out there!

F5F: How did the idea of the band come about?

NK: We started the band with the idea that we would make a bunch of music for haunted houses. We sort of trailed off that idea, but it comes up again from time to time.


F5F: What are the biggest influences on the band as a whole musically?

 NK: Our influences are always kind of changing….On top of that there are

so many members that we each bring different musical influences with

us it is hard to narrow it down to a list. I can’t speak for everyone

but right now I am influenced by instruments with strings tuned to the

same notes, the sounds of rim shots,  instruments with nylon strings,

cuba and instruments with really short sustain.



F5F: The band started out of Wilmington, DE, where does the band reside these days?

 NK: We are a bit more spread out now, I still sleep in Wilmington, but

most of us have moved up into Pennsylvania.



F5F: What is your favorite thing about being able to travel and play music

to people all over the U.S?

 NK: Seeing how the landscape of the united states changes. We drove

through Montana for the fist time on this last tour, and it was

really amazing to see that area. I also love driving from California to

New Orleans on I-10. You drive through the desert and then end up

driving over swamps.


F5F: What’s your favorite up and coming act?

NK: Boy there are a few. Some of our favorites are: and The Moneynotes,

Buried Beds, Born Ruffians, Ball of Flame Shoot Fire, National Eye and

The Capitol Years.


F5F: Who would you most like to set up a tour with?

 NK: Frank Zappa if he were alive and didn’t think we were chumps.


F5F: I think this is appropriate for this time period, what’s your favorite

part about the holiday season?

 NK: Well there are a lot of  good songs, but the best thing is smelling a

wood fire burning.


 F5F: If you could get anything for Christmas what would it be?

NK: Jeff wants a new lab top computer.



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