So we haven’t been posting as much recently, but we haven’t abandoned our readers.  In fact, its exactly the opposite.  Like Max said, we have been expanding and adding new features as well as making sure that the ESB is going to pop off like few parties Baltimore has ever seen.  

In that light, I would just like to say thanks for sticking with us thus far.  

Now onto the business.


To purchase tickets contact myself, Max, Austin, or Keating and we will make sure that you get what you need.  Keep in mind, these tickets went on sale yesterday officially and we have already sold a bunch so they will go quickly.  Look, what I’m really trying to say is- we love you all, but we know that some of us aren’t as motivated to do things in a timely manner as others.  We just want to make sure that our friends, the people that we are laboring for, make it to the show and kick off a new tradition that we want to continue well into the future.  

Also- In light of last nights problems with email hacking and the show at Bedrock- if you ever receive and email from some one saying that the ESB has been cancelled, PLEASE do not believe it.  Call us to confirm if you must but the snowball has started rolling and at this point it cannot be stopped.  

Thank you all.



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2 responses to “Notes

  1. Jim Tunney

    hey just wondering where i can purchase ESB tickets. thanks

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