Dr. Dog-11.28.2008


After last night I have come to the verdict that not only does Geno’s serve the best steaks in Philly (I ate both Geno’s and Pat’s that night after the show), but also that Dr. Dog is one of coolest live acts I have ever seen and Philly music fans have a stick in their ass.  After quite a short haul from charm city up to the city of brotherly love, we arrived at the Starlight Ballroom Dance Club, a recently transformed roller disco equipped with every type of blinking light you could ever imagine, and of course the staple gigantic disco ball.  The music kicked off with a performance from Asheville, North Carolina’s Floating Action, who didn’t quite seem to hype the crowd until they mentioned that Dr. Dog would be up next.  The musicians exited the stage finally, upon which Dr. Dog’s crew began to transform the stage into a mystical forest scene of which you might find the likes of Snow White and Big Foot.   To really give you a picture of the scene, during the stage prep for Dr. Dog , the speakers cranked generic lobby-esque music for about 20 minutes to create a great anticipation for the band to which they jumped right in.   They kicked off the set with a high-energy version of “Hang On” from their new album Fate, which they followed by a couple of other heavy hitters “Uncovering The Old” and “Old News”.  The show then took a down turn and the band began a string of heartfelt slow songs, which really showcased their talent and diversified ability.  The highlights of the slow string were, “My Old Ways”, “The Breeze”, “The World May Never Know” and “We All Belong”.  The Real treat of the night came when they announced that, “this will be our last song of the set and it is by far our favorite on our new album” after which they kicked into my favorite tune, “The Rabbit, The Bat and The Reindeer”.  As for the overall show, the music was great, the energy in the show was great but every place that I stood throughout the venue there seemed to be some Philly kid standing behind me with a need to bitch and moan whenever I started dancing or mouthing the lyrics (I don’t want to subject anyone to my horrible voice), and personally I was raised on music and shows where dancing is a must so I don’t know what to tell yall.

Keep moving your feet!!



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