So I made it back from amsterdam, believe there will be an epic post written about it when I hit my 13 hour layover in London later on today. 

Just wanted to toss you all a few gems before I start packing though.  Last night, while most of you were at the fall massive in Baltimore I would hope, I had the honor and the privilege of partying with some of the finest music in the world from personal favorites Ocelot, The Juan Maclean, and Simian Mobile Disco in a giant warehouse in the sketchiest neighborhood in Barcelona (sound familiar?).  Apparently, starting this Thursday night and running through the end of December, this club, Razzmatazz (sounds lamer than it is) is celebrating its 8th anniversary by bringing in some of the most ridiculous acts in the world. 

Here are some tracks I heard last night that you need:

The Killers- Human (ocelot remix)

Tiga- Mind Dimension- Mind Dimension 2- and Mind Dimension (Soulwax Remix)

Soulwax- NY Excuse (some kind of badass Juan Maclean/Funkytown remix)


  “Sala Razzmatazz is now celebrating its 8th anniversary, and we’ve decided to reveal the recipes of our success. You’ll discover the new line of confectionary, at the hand of audio pastries, musical cakes, sonic sponges and decibel puddings which you’ll want to devour without fear to gain a miserable gram and using up ipso facto the calories on the dance floor. There’ll be something for all taste buds: gelatinous electronica, sugared pop, lightly-beaten rhythms, glazed guitars, frozen techno, freshly-baked new wave, creamy house… music that you’ll want to snack on, to dine on, as dessert or at strange times of day. Come one, come and see the gluttony that we have inside. There’s a cake for you. “– From the Razzmatazz page


Needless to say the night was a great time with good drinks and some crazy Spanish bastards.  Made it home late, slept in… and now its time to start heading back to you all to put together some sick shit for this gig on the 5th at Bedrock.  We’ll have real live tickets to sell you for the ESB there too… and some dope ass flyers that have taken entirely too long to put out.  

See you all soon



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