The Boss


If its not enough to just be, “Born in The USA”, Mr. Springsteen and the E Street will be hosted as the half time entertainment at this years Super Bowl in Tampa, Florida.  Other then that the rumors are true and The Boss and the band will be releasing a new album this winter, a 12 track LP titled, Working On A Dream.  This will be the first album in a long time without late organ player Danny Federici, bless his heart so I’m hoping the band still has the fire under them to turn out powerful and inspirational true blue american Rock n’ Roll. 

Track List: 

1. “Outlaw Pete”
2. “My Lucky Day”
3. “Working on a Dream”
4. “Queen of the Supermarket”
5. “What Love Can Do”
6. “This Life”
7. “Good Eye”
8. “Tomorrow Never Knows”
9. “Life Itself”
10. “Kingdom of Days”
11. “Surprise, Surprise”
12. “The Last Carnival”



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  1. Jan

    I’ll let you know how they are at the Superbowl.

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