Pretty Lights>>>



Well, well, well ready to talk about some dance floor killers? Well I am. Pretty Lights- hailing out of Ram Country in Fort Collins, Colorado, this duo of Derek Smith and Michal Menert are absolutely the fusion of sound that I have been craving for quite some time.  Not to be ripping on all of the groups that I love, but in the last year something generic must have been slipped into their soups, because the music is getting more and more off the cutting edge.  Personally I crave something to get down to, and the mix of ill beats and samples in their new double album Filling Up The City Skies, is certainly something to get “hyphy” to.   Therefore people please get your selves, brothers, mothers, dogs, even fish over to and grab their new album. It is absolutely free, but we do encourage that you hit the donate button and share a little bit with these incredibly talented musicians.   And while it might not seem logical, because they will be the reason for blowing the speakers out of your mommas car, they made a great piece of art and should be properly rewarded.  In closing, PRETTY LIGHTS, good luck boys, keep making that music that makes the kids move their feet.



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  1. Joe White

    Great call. My feet love it as much as my ears.

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