Of Montreal-11.10.2008


I really do not know where to start this review and really wish I had some physical evidence of exactly what I witnessed last night at the Howlin’ Wolf.  But for now I guess words will just have to do.  The evening began with the doors not so promptly opening at about 9:45 and a line down the whole block of S Peters full of “fabulously” dresses Of Montreal fans.  Finally, after listening to the very interesting opening band Icy Demons, at about 11:30 Of Montreal hit the stage absent Kevin Barnes, who made his Bowie-esque entrance a few seconds later in full metallic sequenced pants and jacket.   For the next hour and a half I stared at the stage wild-eyed like a child on Christmas morning as the music and stage show going on amongst the musicians took its bizarre coarse.  At times during the show, Barnes and company were joined by gun wielding terrorists dressed in U.S. army camo, many black suited diamond faced creatures, a country western bar scene that they interacted with, a ritual sacrifice of cheese it’s, and many other antics.  As the show drew on the band kicked off great versions of “For Our Elegant Castle”, “Wicked Wisdom”, and “Gallery Piece” all songs from their new album Skeletal Lamping along with “Wraith Pinned To The Mist & Other Games” of The Outback Stake House Commercial Fame.  My favorite part of the night came when they played Gronlandic Edit to end the show.  Wait- its not over yet, next a Tiger dressed in a white linen suit and a Pig dressed in a pink linen suit came out to hype the crowd and get the band back out for one more.  Talk about an encore, Barnes came out completely covered in shaving cream and proceeded to kick off my favorite song, “A Sentence Of Sorts in Kongsvinger,” which was followed by Franz Ferdinand’s smash hit Take Me Out.  Overall this show was a blast and I cannot wait till the next time I can catch them so I can see what other stage antics they have in store for the crowd.


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