Chinese Democracy

So here’s something I never thought I’d post about…


The first single from Guns N’ Roses new album “Chinese Democracy” came out Sunday (what a weird day to mark a comeback) and in my (and everyone else’s) apathy, I let it slip through the cracks.  I mean Guns N’ Roses… Seriously? 

After a notable run at the top from around 1988-1993, the band hit a turbulent spell and the shit really hit the fan.  Now with a revised line up and material that (unless you have seen the few shows they have played since 01′) hasn’t been heard or tested, the world waits in anticipation of this album which, in my opinion, will either solidify this band as one of the most legendary in rock, or put the last nails in the coffin for this dying genre.

Find out for yourself on 11.23 when the band releases the full album and until then check out the title track “Chinese Democracy,” almost anywhere on the web.



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