on the 5:15…


(James wishing he was really that baller)

Speaking of finding great new music in the most unlikely of places, today it just so happened I was on the same plane to Florida as my sisters best friend and roommate.  When I stated that, “I am still brain dead and forgot my ear phones along with my phone charger and dob kit (due to me falling down the stairs last weekend, I hope)” She said, “good I have a lot of music I want you to check out.”   Being skeptical but in need of getting down in the plane (the last 3 flights I have been on have been from STS9 and Panic at 7am and lets just say I danced through security) I dove right into the periwinkle blue ipod.  Lets just say that looks can be deceiving, as I listened to playlist after playlist I uncovered many great tunes from bands I have never heard of along with songs from bands that I have heard of but never really been impressed by until now.  The list below is some of the bands that I found that you may or may not of heard.  Well I’m about to be in the sunshine state to see C so have a great weekend.



Doves**, Phoenix, The Long Winters, Kite Killing Society**, Ambulance LTD (maybe)

I’m from Barcelona*, Los Campesinos!, The Fratellis, The Wombat,

The National (yeah they’re good)

TV on the Radio (back stage for their show at Voodoo)

DJ Marvel (kid from D.C were getting for a party if he knows it yet or not)


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