Okkervil River-The Stand Ins


Oh and what a new find it is.  Their new album “The Stand Ins” reminds me a lot of Dr. Dog’s “Fate” in that it explores low soulful tunes that still hold a sense of their bright spirit as well as more upfront happy upbeat tunes.  My boss who was the first person to mention these guys to me stated that he had seen them the other night and, “they had found some really cheap martini bar in the quarter and were absolutely smashed and could barley talk let alone sing” thus I was kind of apprehensive about going out and getting their album because, with the live show being such a valued way for bands to make money these days, why would I want to support a band who does not take it seriously? However I finally fell to the buzz and good word of mouth from my peers about the band and decided to get the album and was pleasantly surprised.  It starts off with a beautiful stringed intro which directly kicks into my favorite song on the album, “Long Coastlines” a soulful and string oriented feel good tune which during you could easily picture yourself with a cold daq in hand strolling around Audubon Park.  After the next song, “Singer Songwriter” is the albums dark and lyrically great under belly, and from there I will let you go out and support these great musicians. 



Track List:

1. Our Life is Not a Movie or Maybe
2. Unless It’s Kicks
3. A Hand to Take Hold of the Scene
4. Savannah Smiles (Grey)
5. Plus Ones
6. A Girl in Port
7. You Can’t Hold the Hand of a Rock and Roll Man
8. Title Track
9. John Allyn Smith Sails


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  1. wildflowe

    Dr. Dog is the best

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