Bassnectar @ Bedrock


I hate to be all “Vote or Die”- but if you haven’t voted yet, please put away your computer and get to the polls.  You’ve still got a couple of hours and no matter who you are voting for or why you are voting, it’s important to all of us here at F5F that everyone gets out there and makes good on all the talk thats been going on over the last year.



About a year ago, i had my first experience with Lorin “Bassnectar,”and let me tell you, it blew my mind.  Since then, i’ve kind of gotten sick of his political rantings and homogenous shows.  For his political agenda alone, I almost didn’t go to the free show he put on last night at Bedrock (which it seems is becoming the venue for the Baltimore EDM scene (getting nervous Sonar?)).  

While the political overtones were present throughout the show, the music actually managed to recapture the magic that his bass amps and i had once shared so long ago in a field outside of Atlanta.   Dropping some old favorites mixed in with brand new remixes of Dr. Dre, Grandmaster Flash, and Funkagenda, Bassnectar managed to turn a boring Monday night into a massive bass heavy event.  What makes his show even better is the phenomenal AV work by the dude from the Philadelphia Experiment.  I SEE THAT GUY EVERYWHERE.  He’s pretty much at every show around the mid atlantic.  Anyway, he has really been doing some great work on the visual side of things transforming another dj set into a real artistic endeavor.  

All and all, it was a great night.  I know this isn’t much of a review, but i figured i’d let my videos do the work that my words simply cannot. 



The sound is not the best and my camera work is kind of shitty, but its all i’ve got… and at least i went (augie, keating, duke).


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