STS9 11.2.2008

After a long halloween weekend that began with Panic on the 31st and resulted in falling down a flight of stairs at 6 am, it ended with my three buddies and I seeing one of our favorite acts to date, the one and only STS9 crew.  The show began with one of the worst excuses for hip hop I have ever seen in an MC named Count Bass D.  While his beats were very well produced, his rapping over them was one of the worst things I have ever seen in the live setting.  Finally at around 10:30 pm, Murph and the boys hit the stage and proceeded to kick off one of the most intense versions of Aimlessly that I have ever seen.  The first set took the crowd through great versions of Somesing, Really Wut, Monkey Music, One a Day, and ended with the bands ode to our future president, Baraka.  

Set List:

Oh Little Brain (“LEDs on for first time during middle peak”)
Really Wut
Move My Peeps (“sick nasty Zach dnb attack”)
F. Word
Jebez> (“phipps shit went dead for 3 minutes”)
Monkey Music
UnQuestionable Supremacy of Nature
Zinn Doctrine
New New 4 U U
This, Us
One a Day
Baraka (oh my god)



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