Damnit, Augie

Damnit, Augie.

You were right.  

Why is this a big deal… even blogworthy?  Because we are so used to his wild claims and ridiculous statements of “fact” that when the kid actually comes up with something worth while, its the most celebrated event of the season.  

This happens to be one of those occasions though.  After a good week or two of ignoring him while he pitched the “Fix Your Face” mix to me, i finally heard it last night.  Now, i’m not going to gush and tell you how this is the best mix ever- but i’ll give you something Augie- this is pretty damn infectious.  

Remember the first time you heard Girl Talk?  How crazy it was to hear so many of your favorite pop culture references/songs/anthems in the same place?  Thats probably the best comparison i can make to the experience i had last night when someone put on Travis Barker and DJ AM’s new mix, “Fix Your Face.”  But before you go thinking that this is just a parody of the success that Girl Talk has had, they incorporate the live element of Barker’s drums to make the experience a bit more authentic.  

It makes you feel guilty for liking it, but you know what- the pop fiend in you will thank Augie for this.  

This looks like it’s been out for a bit now so maybe i’ve been sleeping on it.  If you all keep up with Blink 182 or celebrity dj’s, this may be old hat to you.  But if you still need your copy, you can download the mix for free at: http://trvsdjam.com/main.html


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