Yet Another Classic Example of When Holding it Down Goes Right!

There’s a lot more to the music bizz then buying a ticket and showing up, this is obvious but more often then not gets over looked.  Everyone from the guy who shows up early to install light rigs and sound check to the person who took a personal risk to booked the gig in the first place.  This post is dedicated to those unsung heros who go out of there way to bring you (and me) what we love, and expect nothing in return other than you to show up, melt face and enjoy.

1.  Steez Promo – – has been packing out Baltimroe venues such as Bedrock, the 8×10, Fletchers, & The Ottobar with the likes of MSTRKFT, 2020 Sound Systems, Pnuma Trio, Conspirator, Bassnectar, Future Rock, The Egg, Jah Works, Charles Feelgood, Cant Hang and the list goes on.  Last week alone I attended the MSTRKRFT and Conspirator shows, both of which are classic example of why Baltimore is on the tip of the industry’s tounge.  BIG UP to the Streez Promo crew and a special shout out to Amy Daly, mad love girl!  If you haven’t attended a Steez Promo event yet why not join the Fortune5Fifty crew for BassNectar this coming Monday Nov 3rd at Bedrock!! 

2. SHORTY’S – – Baltimore’s best kept secret underground Martini bar and Lounge, originally founded by none other then Charles Feelgood himself, is now under new management and what better hands to pass it onto then Charles’s good friends Lisa Chaplin Suit and Alex Crain.  These two have taken the concept and run.  Along with hosting live Dj’s daily these two have spiced up the décor by featuring a different local artist every month.  All of the paintings on the wall are for sale, I bought a painting the first time i stepped foot in the door. Their collective efforts have created a much needed live music/electronic Lounge in Baltimore’s favorite burro, Canton.  If you are looking for an excuse to make a guest appearance what better way then to come check out Fortune5Fifty’s own DJ Bryan Cosgrove whomping the 1’s and 2’s next Thursday Nov 6th.   I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, sometimes it gets weird, and next Thursday will be no exception.  Also I need to give a BIG thank you to Lisa for making this show possible…in return lets blow the doors off Shorty’s next Thursday.

Happy Halloween Kidz,


p.s. mark your calendars Monday Nov 3rd BassNectar @ Bedrock and Thursday Nov 6th DJ Bryan Coscrove @ Shortys…hope to see you all there!


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