3 Things You Need in the Next 30 Days

Today has been a hell of a day for the blog.  Seriously.  Everyone- thank you for your support.  This is really just the beginning and we’re going to be bringing you some great productions in the very near future.  In the mean time… Here’s what has me excited for the end of October and beginning of November.

1. Lotus.

Halloween is out of the question for me, but if you have the opportunity to drive up to Philly this friday night to check out this band, for the love of god and everything holy- DO IT.  From humble origins, these guys have been racking up a ton of giant gigs over the last couple of years and i can honestly say, they are responsible for some of my favorite shows/sets ever.  (Check- Jam Cruise 2008 Deck Show- covers include Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers, and Original Nintendo Zelda) Biscuits too wonky for you? STS9 come with too many non-climaxing jams?  then LOTUS IS THE ANSWER.  laid back vibes that’ll have you ready for sunset on a beach in the middle of the Mediterranean. and if you can’t make it to friday night’s showdown in philly, hopefully i’ll see you on Saturday night at the 9:30 club where they’ll be throwing down with the downtempo dj’s of the moment, ORCHARD LOUNGE.

2. STS9 in DC

That shit hole.  Really.  And regardless of my non-climax comment, STS9 has been doing some phenomenal things in 2008.  Maybe PeaceBlaster wasn’t as good as i had hoped it would be but you all remember Pier 6… right? no? well i don’t remember many of the details either but i DO remember how much fun i had running around the streets of baltimore with like 30 kids the day after Toilet Bowl (and then the constellation energy building being surrounding by fire trucks and police cars while we were stumbling around after Spank Rock).  Anyway- STS9 @ The 9:30 Club, Nov 14-15. 

3. Deadmau5, yeah, I said it.

You know- a lot of people were super down with the MAU5 after he first came out and now a lot of people are getting super f-ing critical.  Where do you get off?  People say things like all of his stuff sounds the same… well to be completely honest, it should.  He’s not a dj- he doesn’t have the luxury of tapping other people’s music to put together a set.  He’s a producer.  Saying that deadmau5 should be putting out music that sounds completely different all the time would be like telling me that Phish is better when Trey doesn’t use the sustain peddle or that Led Zeppelin was worse because of Robert Plant’s signature vocals.  

Well, Joel has apparently had enough of this non-sense too and he’s addressing it.  I don’t usually do this, but here- brand new deadmau5 released yesterday. listen to it straight through to the end.  All you forum hoppers, negative bloggers, and captain assholes- feast your ears.

Yeah… how about that… pretty gnarly shit right?  And thats why i’m excited for the mau5 in october.  brand new sounds, brand new releases, and a hot new producer called FEED ME on his label, mau5trap.  

Anyway- Check back soon for my November top 10 and we’ll see what we can do about getting ya’ll some more tracks and a new bass heavy mix.  Hope to see you all out this weekend and at our new hang out, Shorty’s in Canton.  



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