Talk about an experience.


Last weekend I took part in the internship program at the Voodoo Music Experience here in my home away from home, New Orleans.  This was probably one of the coolest and most eye opening experiences I have had in a long long time.  Not only did this let me see some of the things that I am currently learning in action but it let me see how well organized and enthusiastic people really are about getting the music to the people.  If anything this has fed the fire that I have to get out there and make the ideas in my head about setting up and hosting shows along with instituting new channels of promotion a reality.  Now I have to give props where props are due, Nick Thomas the intern/volunteer and a recent alum of The Music Business program here at Loyola who did a phenomenal job – and needless to say this whole thing would not of gone off so smoothly without him.  But while it was a long and hard job it all paid off as I got to see many shows from the other side of the ropes made some great impressions (I hope) and met some really cool and dedicated people.

Keep your head high,



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