9-28-08 Fleet Floxes

If broadening my horizons and coming to New Orleans has taught me anything thus far, other then musicians need to centralize their operations and begin to focus more on creating a micro global brand for themselves as opposed to waiting around for that high in the sky record deal that doesn’t mean shit anymore, it has shown me that well, there are a lot more creative souls out there then just in the “jam band” scene that i’ve grown up on and so accustomed to.  First of all, lately I have to admit I have been listening to as well as observing and learning a lot about not only how indie bands are making music, but how they are running themselves business wise.  Sunday, Myself and my newly short haired female entered the Howlin’ Wolf with a clean slate, never having seen an indie show, I had no idea or predisposition to what I was going to see there that evening.  Simply put this show absolutely blew me out of the water, from the powerful harmonized melodies to the clean acoustic rock that backed it all I can say is that this bands music holds a lot of water and if you can get a chance, it’s a show you should not miss.

Keep your head high,



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