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Yet Another Classic Example of When Holding it Down Goes Right!

There’s a lot more to the music bizz then buying a ticket and showing up, this is obvious but more often then not gets over looked.  Everyone from the guy who shows up early to install light rigs and sound check to the person who took a personal risk to booked the gig in the first place.  This post is dedicated to those unsung heros who go out of there way to bring you (and me) what we love, and expect nothing in return other than you to show up, melt face and enjoy.

1.  Steez Promo – – has been packing out Baltimroe venues such as Bedrock, the 8×10, Fletchers, & The Ottobar with the likes of MSTRKFT, 2020 Sound Systems, Pnuma Trio, Conspirator, Bassnectar, Future Rock, The Egg, Jah Works, Charles Feelgood, Cant Hang and the list goes on.  Last week alone I attended the MSTRKRFT and Conspirator shows, both of which are classic example of why Baltimore is on the tip of the industry’s tounge.  BIG UP to the Streez Promo crew and a special shout out to Amy Daly, mad love girl!  If you haven’t attended a Steez Promo event yet why not join the Fortune5Fifty crew for BassNectar this coming Monday Nov 3rd at Bedrock!! 

2. SHORTY’S – – Baltimore’s best kept secret underground Martini bar and Lounge, originally founded by none other then Charles Feelgood himself, is now under new management and what better hands to pass it onto then Charles’s good friends Lisa Chaplin Suit and Alex Crain.  These two have taken the concept and run.  Along with hosting live Dj’s daily these two have spiced up the décor by featuring a different local artist every month.  All of the paintings on the wall are for sale, I bought a painting the first time i stepped foot in the door. Their collective efforts have created a much needed live music/electronic Lounge in Baltimore’s favorite burro, Canton.  If you are looking for an excuse to make a guest appearance what better way then to come check out Fortune5Fifty’s own DJ Bryan Cosgrove whomping the 1’s and 2’s next Thursday Nov 6th.   I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, sometimes it gets weird, and next Thursday will be no exception.  Also I need to give a BIG thank you to Lisa for making this show possible…in return lets blow the doors off Shorty’s next Thursday.

Happy Halloween Kidz,


p.s. mark your calendars Monday Nov 3rd BassNectar @ Bedrock and Thursday Nov 6th DJ Bryan Coscrove @ Shortys…hope to see you all there!


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Cool Kids

Just announced, November 5th, the freshet new MC’s in town The Cool Kids will kick off the tour with Q-Tip(A Tribe Called Quest) which cruises into NOLA’s HOB on November, 22nd.  This is a Saturday night so it should be nothing less then amazing, and personally I haven’t seen The Cool Kids since the night before Starscape in Baltimore in early June so I look forward to hearing some of their new material from the new EP’s.



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3 Things You Need in the Next 30 Days

Today has been a hell of a day for the blog.  Seriously.  Everyone- thank you for your support.  This is really just the beginning and we’re going to be bringing you some great productions in the very near future.  In the mean time… Here’s what has me excited for the end of October and beginning of November.

1. Lotus.

Halloween is out of the question for me, but if you have the opportunity to drive up to Philly this friday night to check out this band, for the love of god and everything holy- DO IT.  From humble origins, these guys have been racking up a ton of giant gigs over the last couple of years and i can honestly say, they are responsible for some of my favorite shows/sets ever.  (Check- Jam Cruise 2008 Deck Show- covers include Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers, and Original Nintendo Zelda) Biscuits too wonky for you? STS9 come with too many non-climaxing jams?  then LOTUS IS THE ANSWER.  laid back vibes that’ll have you ready for sunset on a beach in the middle of the Mediterranean. and if you can’t make it to friday night’s showdown in philly, hopefully i’ll see you on Saturday night at the 9:30 club where they’ll be throwing down with the downtempo dj’s of the moment, ORCHARD LOUNGE.

2. STS9 in DC

That shit hole.  Really.  And regardless of my non-climax comment, STS9 has been doing some phenomenal things in 2008.  Maybe PeaceBlaster wasn’t as good as i had hoped it would be but you all remember Pier 6… right? no? well i don’t remember many of the details either but i DO remember how much fun i had running around the streets of baltimore with like 30 kids the day after Toilet Bowl (and then the constellation energy building being surrounding by fire trucks and police cars while we were stumbling around after Spank Rock).  Anyway- STS9 @ The 9:30 Club, Nov 14-15. 

3. Deadmau5, yeah, I said it.

You know- a lot of people were super down with the MAU5 after he first came out and now a lot of people are getting super f-ing critical.  Where do you get off?  People say things like all of his stuff sounds the same… well to be completely honest, it should.  He’s not a dj- he doesn’t have the luxury of tapping other people’s music to put together a set.  He’s a producer.  Saying that deadmau5 should be putting out music that sounds completely different all the time would be like telling me that Phish is better when Trey doesn’t use the sustain peddle or that Led Zeppelin was worse because of Robert Plant’s signature vocals.  

Well, Joel has apparently had enough of this non-sense too and he’s addressing it.  I don’t usually do this, but here- brand new deadmau5 released yesterday. listen to it straight through to the end.  All you forum hoppers, negative bloggers, and captain assholes- feast your ears.

Yeah… how about that… pretty gnarly shit right?  And thats why i’m excited for the mau5 in october.  brand new sounds, brand new releases, and a hot new producer called FEED ME on his label, mau5trap.  

Anyway- Check back soon for my November top 10 and we’ll see what we can do about getting ya’ll some more tracks and a new bass heavy mix.  Hope to see you all out this weekend and at our new hang out, Shorty’s in Canton.  


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Well, well looks like M.I.A is back from her “retirement.”  She states in a recent interview with Pitchforktv that  the reason for her alleged retirement was that she was just hit with so many different things at one time like “Paper Planes” becoming number 1 on iTunes, her career blowing up and finding out she was pregnant all in one week.  Over the months since M.I.A has been off the grind she has been spending a lot of time in Charm City working with Diplo and DJ Blaqstarr on recording some of her own new stuff as well as out in L.A. working on her new artist Rye Rye’s album.  Today M.I.A has released a new digital EP with Interscope/XL, which include two new tracks and Jay-Z’s remix of “Boys.”

M.I.A-interview part 1

M.I.A-interview part 2


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The Faint 10.27.2008

First of all I have to say wow.  I had only heard the name of this band until last night, when my buddy called me with the offer to go see these boys from Omaha.  I knew it was going to be interesting when I saw their lead singer walk onto the stage in a white lab coat and mad scientist goggles, but the real surprise came when they began to belt.  The only way that I can really explain this music and to give the sound justice is this: if an alien and heavy metal artists had their way with one another this would be the result.  They brought the house down at The Republic last night and I think I can say for everyone in the show that the next time The Faint is in town no one will be missing that show.

Word up,


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Talk about an experience.


Last weekend I took part in the internship program at the Voodoo Music Experience here in my home away from home, New Orleans.  This was probably one of the coolest and most eye opening experiences I have had in a long long time.  Not only did this let me see some of the things that I am currently learning in action but it let me see how well organized and enthusiastic people really are about getting the music to the people.  If anything this has fed the fire that I have to get out there and make the ideas in my head about setting up and hosting shows along with instituting new channels of promotion a reality.  Now I have to give props where props are due, Nick Thomas the intern/volunteer and a recent alum of The Music Business program here at Loyola who did a phenomenal job – and needless to say this whole thing would not of gone off so smoothly without him.  But while it was a long and hard job it all paid off as I got to see many shows from the other side of the ropes made some great impressions (I hope) and met some really cool and dedicated people.

Keep your head high,


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Quite the Tripple Threat…

Rarely are weekends Epic from start to finish but my friends this weekend you are in for a treat.  Here at Fortune5Fifty its our goal to make sure you are clocked in!
IT’s as easy as One, TWO, THREEEE
1. Conspirator vs. Dr Fameus – TONIGHT 8pm @ BedRock (across from 1st Mariner Arena)
Assuming you haven’t been living in a Cave for the past decade its safe to say you have all at least dabbled (i use this term loosely) with the Disco Biscuits.  What may be news to you is that TONIGHT all 4 members will be rocking the doors off Baltimores latest and gratest venue, BedRock.  Uniquely all members are currently touring with their side projects (aka Conspirator & Dr. Fameus) and for a few special shows they will be touring under the same roof.  You won’t want to miss this.  But just incase you aren’t sold yet, you may want to ponder the fact that Telepath is opeing up for them…and yes shit gets weird sometimes, fact!
2. Passafire & Pepper – Saturday 8pm Recher Theater (Towson, MD)

If you haven’t experienced Passafire I highly recommend you put down the crack pipe (and or pick it up, different strokes for different folks).  This clip you just enjoyed, is a throw back.  Filmed 5 yrs ago in Burlington, VT at none other than Nectars Pub…and if for some reason this venue means nothing to you maybe its time you erase your iPod and start over.  Since rocking Nectars (birth place of a lil’ band, PHISH) back in 2003 Passafire has moved on to bigger and better things.  For starters they signed with Law Records, put out their second studio album SUBMERSIBLE which topped iTunes for best Reggae album of 2007, where they are still featured as ‘Best of the New School’.  They been on the road with the likes of  The Wailers, Matisyahu, 311, Van Halen, Los Lonely Boys, Slightly Stoopid, The Expendibles, & more importantly their label head Pepper.  But then again what else would you expect from 3 SCAD music design majors and one freak of nature hammering the bass.  Theses kids have been nerding out in the studio and grinding it out on the road for half a decade and its about time you future P’fire Tour’ches light up and pass a motha fuckin’ fire. 


3.“Your Baltimore Ravens!” vs. Oakland Raiders – Sunday 1pm @ M&T Bank

What better way to kill a hangover then to not stop drinking…and what better way to celebrate.  Wake up, put on whatever jeans are closest to you, slip on your purple Joe ‘Cool’ Flacco #5  jersey, thank God you weren’t born in Pittsburg and head down to the YPP Tailgate (aka Young Purple Passion).  What to expect?  For starters a whomp-tastic DJ, Raging Face, and grilling…yeah it’s that easy.

 The best things come in three’s…well at least this weekend they do!


Clock In, it’s time to DO WORK son son!!



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