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Delta Spirit

Much to my dismay now that Delta Spirt has come and gone from the big easy, I have to say that I made a mistake not making this show.  I had heard of them before their gig but had never let their soulful and poetic style of indie rock hit my ears.  Over the last week their new album, Ode to Sunshine has not only made its way but taken over much of my downtime.  So if yall havent yet, please for your sake check this cd out.  

Highlight Tracks:

Trashcan, Strange Vine, People Turn Around

Keep it up,



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Welcome to the Blogosphere Mix, September Underground.

I wasn’t going to release anything until after the rave on the 27th  (by the way, theres a rave at sonar on the 27th. come hear a lot of good music…) but i figured that with the new blog and everything, I should probably give you all a little taste of that top 10, and exactly what had me going at 3:20 am Saturday morning.

Recently there have been lots of requests coming in for those “whomp whomp” drops- though I’m not really sure what constitutes a “whomp” as opposed to an “untz”… but i digress- and I’ve done my best to accommodate.  However, for this mix, I went to my bread and butter, the underground.  my favorite groove oriented deep tech and electro of this month and some from a little ways back.

This mix is more than capable of creeping up on you if you aren’t careful.  It starts with a toe tap and next think you know you are rocking out at your office while trying to sell commercial insurance.  I’ve seen it happen and, believe me, it’s not pretty.  

Bookended by new tracks from Mason, this mix clocks in at about 42 minutes and should give you a taste of what is going on around the Fortune-5-Fifty headquarters in Baltimore.  Below is a track list for those of you who are so inclined.  




September Undergound- DJ Bryan Cosgrove

Mason- Intimate Express

Tiger Stripes- Blackroom Entertainment (original Mix)

Nihad Tule & Lasseman- Climber

Robert Babicz- Enjoy

Roman Pushkin- Stop Moving (Jon Gurd Remix)

G. Riedatz- Mode

Daniel Portman- Wellness Park (Original Mix)

Mason- The Ridge (Tommy Trash Remix)


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Well your just going to have to wait till new years now aren’t you. While there won’t be any Biscuits shows until new years because of the rumor of the recent cancellation of the Tatanka Music Festival in Boulder, CO, you can still catch Magner and Brownie on tour with their side projects of Conspirator and Electron along with Allen doing his thing as Dr. Fameus.

Conspirator –

Oct. 9th – Northern Lights – Supporting UM
Oct. 10-11 Higher Ground – Supporting UM
Oct. 22 – Georgia Theater – With special Guests EOTO
Oct. 23 – Toads Place, Richmond VA with special guests!
Oct. 24 – Bedrock, Blatimore, MD with special guests MO2 and Telepath
Oct. 25th State Theater Falls Church VA – with special guests Telepath
Oct. 31 Highline Ballroom – Halloween Party with orchard Lounge and Telepath

Electron –

Oct. 8th – Paradise Club – Boston
Oct 11th – Metronome – UM pre Party LATE AFTERNOON SHOW
Oct. 12th – Toads Place New Haven CT – OMEGATRON – ELECTRON WITH THE OMEGA MOOS!!!
Oct. 30th Highline Ballroom NYC – HALLOWEEN pre-party with special guests FUTURE ROCK


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Just announced on Club Ampersand’s website the canadian duo of JFK & ALP better known as MSTRKRFT( joined my LA Riots, and Felix Cartel) will be adding NOLA to one of the stops on their Fist of God tour this fall. The show will take place on 10/25 so that people attending The Voodoo Music Festival will have some late night fun to look forward to. I personally will only be attending Saturday of Voodoo (Mars Volta, Ghostland Observatory, Thievery Corp) so this just seals that my night is going to be nothing less then epic. That being said i’ll leave you with this, I heard it live this summer at Camp Bisco 7 and lets just say if you put a rapper and 2 robots in a blender this is the delicious creation that you would enjoy.

MSTRFRFT-In This Club/Daft Punk REMIX


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Beginnings, September’s top 10


This idea has been floating for a long time now and its about time we got it off the ground.  This is our link to you- its our way to keep you plugged on the best music of all genres and times, operating on one principal: good music is good no matter who you are or where it comes from.  As we proceed, we’ll be bringing you the best in all things music from venues to gear, what spots to make sure you hit and the shows you cannot miss. 

So moving forward from that… Here are my top 10 of September.  A lot of the tracks are brand new, some are just classics that i just can’t stop listening to right now.  Mostly, this is stuff I love to spin when I’m out. Dance floor destroyers. Cozy all-nighters.  And some tight tracks in between.  I hope you enjoy.


  • 1. Miniminds- Xoe/Ghost in the System EP
  • 2. Mason’s Essential Mix (i know its not a single track but everyone should probably have this on rotation)
  • 3. Daniel Portman- Wellness Park
  • 4. Radiohead- Where I End And You Begin (The Sky Is Falling In)
  • 5. Dego- Feels So Good (Zigmund Slezak Remix) (if anyone knows where to find this, let me know. heard it on zs’s myspace, its a great piece of work)
  • 6. Deadmau5- Sometimes Things Get Complicated
  • 7. Martin Eyerer & Oliver Koletzki- Pulse Your Hands (Audiofly X Remix)
  • 8. Olive Huntemann & Dubfire- Diablo (Original Mix) 
  • 9. Phish- Julius, Suzy, Waste (you assholes)
  • 10. Modeselektor- The Dark Side of The Sun (and lets be honest, the whole Happy Birthday CD is brilliant) 



see ya’ll out there.


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Fresh Off The Griddle

What up world! Myself and DJ Bryan Cosgrove are pumped to launch this little collective of the minds in order to share with all of our friends our thoughts, interests, hot tracks we have found and of corse the always enjoyable mixes by our hometown boy, DJ Bryan Cosgrove.  Heres a tight track that I found yesterday while I was sitting on the couch contemplating between either barbecue or carolina barbecue chips.

LA RIOTS-Ready For the Floor(Hot Chip Remix)

Live it up,


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